Cartoon of clown dreaming of green pixie "I called because I needed a clown for my son
Customer Comments

Here is what some customers have to say
about their favorite party entertainers:

"We knew the children would be entertained, but we had no idea that we would, too. My hat's off to you guys."
Brent Heilbron, a customer of Clowns-for-Hire
"Thanks for your interest in helping children - you are a wonderful entertainer. Thanks again for coming to Valerio Elementary School."
Jay Bloom, Principal at Valerio Elementary School
"Austin Clown really does puts a smile on every child!"
Susan Linville, YSCare Program
"You are so talented and energetic. I don't know how you have the stamina to do that routine."
Kevin Morgan, in Simi Valley, customer of Austin Clown

But don't take their word on it. Try Austin Clown for yourself! Please take time to look at everything and give us an email with your order information on the "Contact Us" page. You may also email any questions you have.

Thank you for your time!

Magically Yours,
Guilford Adams, CEO
Austin Clown

Chief Executive Clown
Chief Executive Clown